Photographic Workshops

NZ-Pólnoc-(20-z-186)Photography seems to have always been part of my life. While studying architecture at LSU I completed a minor in Photography at School of Art of Louisiana State University College of Design. My mentors were A.J.Meek, Thomas Neff and Michael Book.I have since worked on product photography, landscape and portraits. As part of project codename dfoto I have run a photofinishing studio, as well as created first online service offering prints in Poland.





I organize photography workshops in New Zealand, Australia and USA:

  • USA Canyons and Annular Eclipse 2012
  • Australia and New Zealand Eclipse 2012
  • Australia 2014
  • New Zealand 2015
  • USA Canyons 2015

In preparation are following destinations:

  • USA Canyons 2016
  • Madagascar Annular Eclipse 2016
  • USA Total Solar Eclipse 2017
  • Patagonia Annular Eclipse 2017

Please check current line-up at, or call me to arrange for custom tours.


Please take a look at some of my work below: