About Me

tomIMG_7630_DxOHaving degree in Architecture, passion for photography, and vision to share it with others have made me take on new challenges – from establishing a national magazine on 3D graphics, visualization and CAD design in 1996, through first company in Poland to offer digital – over the net – prints from digital cameras in 2002, nationally recognized portal and e-shop for amateur astronomers and a decade of conferences where professionals and amateurs would meet and learn from each other. I have always looked for innovative and smart ways to tackle new challenges, examining feedback from clients to look for places to improve and learn to better meet their needs, collaborating where it was appropriate within teams looking for ways to achieve growth. I have managed digital as well offline content production for number of clients, including ISP Tychy, Helion Publishing, 3D, Aquazone, dFoto and Arsoba Travel. And running freelance desing office is all about self motivation and resourcefulness. I have managed traffic for teleskopy.net, studia.slask.pl, eclipses.eu, and have had experience in print production and POS design, while working to extremely tight budgets and deadlines, often with concurrent or conflicting deadlines. And always, always following new trends.
Since 2009 I have been involved in planning and leading Eclipse Expeditions and Photographic Workshops across Australia, New Zealand, China and USA. I am a quick learner, researcher and problem solver, and leading expeditions has honed my communication skills, as well my leadership qualities while retaining and client oriented stance.
I have run my own design agency for close to 20 years, and as both designer and manager I enjoyed becoming an expert on Adobe Creative Suite including InDesign and it’s predecessor PageMaker, Photoshop and Illustrator as well as Corel. Creating course materials for my clients I used PowerPoint and Impress extensively, and for my own management use Microsoft Office as well as Open Office (I teach courses on use of business software in education). I am a photographer and video maker and post producer as well as animator. I have designed, deployed and positioned probably around 100 web sites. While on post of editor-in-chief I produced print ready publications. As CEO of dfoto sp. z. o.o. I managed a team of programmers and negotiated leasing and supply contracts.
Apart from degree in Architecture and years in design role running my own business, I have designed e-shops, am both proficient in AutoCAD as well as Adobe CS and 3D Studio Max where my technical skills make me an instructor for ProCad S.A – leader in this field in Poland. I adapt well to complex and even surprising situations, and as someone in management role I have often needed to conceptualize and present designs to my team or clients. Therefore I strongly believe hiring me can benefit you as my employer

EducationProfessional trainingWork experienceCompleted projects Selected publicationsSoftwareLanguagesHonors & awardsMemberships

Master of Architecture
Department of Architecture, Silesian University of Technology, Poland, 1995-1996
Bachelor of Architecture, Magna Cum Laude
School of Architecture, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA, 1990-1994
Minor in Photography
School of Art, College of Design, LSU, Baton Rouge, LA, USA, 1992-1994,
Department of Architecture, Silesian University of Technology, Poland, 1988-1989

Autodesk Authorized dealer, architecture and visualization – Man and Machine, Lodz, 2001.
Autodesk Authorized trainer – visualization, Man and Machine, Lodz, Poland, 2001.
CATIA/Project Manager – Pendle Training/NorTech, Pendle, England, 2000.
IASSC Accredited Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training – currently enrolled.

Procad S.A., Instructor, 2015 – present
Instructor of AutoCAD and 3D Studio at levels I and II. Additionally – deployment of  e-learning platform based on Moodle

Instytut Studiów Podyplomowych, Lecturer, 2013 – present
Lecturer, Moodle Administrator, Web Administrator – responsible for redesign and deployment of Institute web page, creation of automated registration system, deployment of moodle e-learning platform. Courses taught: “Multimedia in Education”, “Web Design and Administration for Education”, “Business software in Education”, “Astronomy”

Arsoba Travel, manager, planner, tour guide, photographer, videographer, 2010 – present
Planning and execution of number of solar and photographic expeditions, guiding groups ranging in size from 3 to 9 clients. Customer care, booking of flights and hotels, attraction         reservations for USA Annular Eclipse Expedition 2012, Australia Total Solar Eclipse Expedition 2012, Australia Photography Workshop 2014, New Zealand  Photography Workshop 2014, USA Canyonlands Photography Workshops 2015 and 2016, Indonesia Total Solar Eclipse Expedition 2016, Madagascar Annular Eclipse Expedition 2016
Filming and postproduction of documentaries and advertisements:
ArsobaTravel.pl – https://youtu.be/h4WvlpAJPoE
Australia 2012 – https://youtu.be/Kz7Q8kkWKXU
Australia Eclipse 2012 – https://youtu.be/KPn8K8AbM6Q
New Zealand 2012 – https://youtu.be/M2NnGz-qUsY
also diving videos for awn.com.pl – https://youtu.be/MaPE8Nfi99M

teleskopy.net, e-commerce manger, web designer, manager, customer care, 1995 – present Design, SEO & UEO optimization and operation of on-line services:
Telescopes and astronomy vortal, an on-line store – www.teleskopy.net
Out of this world – meteoritic and mineralogy site – www.meteroryty.net
Hunting for solar eclipses – www.eclipses.eu
Organization of ten National Amateur Astronomers weekends (skyparty.eu)
Developing and maintaining social communication channels via facebook, mailings, direct mailings, brochures.

3D Sp z.o.o., editor in chief, 2000-2001,
Creative direction and desktop publishing “Magazyn 3D”, management of editorial staff, aliasing with writers and advertisers, organizing national 3D Graphics Competition

Helion Publishing House, editor in chief, 1996-2000,
Creative direction, design and delivery of nation wide publication on 3D and CAD – “Magazyn 3D”, desktop publishing management of editorial staff, aliasing with writers and          advertisers, organizing national 3D Graphics Competition

Atelier 17, manager, owner, 1997 – present. Working for various clients and markets including:
Creative direction and desktop publication for “Kasystent”
Design and optimization of number of webpages:
aee-polska.pl, kucma.lekspec.pl, zerniki.lekspec.pl, lekspec.pl, centrumszkolenia.eu
lsczar.info, sklep.awn.com.pl, aqua-zone.eu, scoolpen.eu, wroclaw-gestalt.pl
studia.slask.pl, ciemnia.net, obiektywy.net, biotop2.com, mr-flash.gliwice.pl
komputermojswiat.edu.pl, ipas.be, zieloneprzedszkole.edu.pl, adoz.sos.pl
Translation services for Studio Presto (http://www.studiopresto.com.pl) – tv science series
CAD and 3D expertise in design and visualization for number of clients. projects include:
Neumayer&Parnter Architects, Munich – Hangdarm Island in Korea, 3D model
Psychiatric Hospital in Toszek – concept development of children facility
X-Shop Concept visualization for Bettina Assmann – Dipl.-Ing.
FH Innenarchitektur, Munich
Soho Bay housing visualization for Franz Wagner, Munich
Design and development of landscape for “Contra” in Wodzislaw Slaski

Dfoto Spolka z o.o., CEO, Manager, 2002 – 2004:
Creative direction, design and deployment of first in Poland on-line photo printing service for digital photography, design of one of the first on-line photo galleries and discussion boards, design and management of software, marketing, later creation of online photographic store

Studio Atrium, Architecture and Development, Editor/content specialist, 2001 – 2002
Writing series of articles for website www.studioatrium.pl.
UNIKOL Information Technology, Deputy director of the graphic services department, 2001
Creative direction, design of logotypes, calendars, office stationaries for company clients,  taking briefs, presenting designs. Designs for  for Weglokoks S.A., Viterra, Norwoks,             Spartan, Stalkon, Oasis, KZK GOP, Unikol IT and the Coalmine Makoszowy

Northern Technologies in Pendle, England, Translator 2000
Aviation engineers from Mielec asked me to support them as translator CATIA training.

Department of Architecture at Politechnika Slaska, Instructor, 1999-2000:
Instructor for courses on 3D Studio MAX and Photoshop.
Business Publishing Company, Katowice, Poland, Interior and 3D designer 1995
Interior designer of office space, low-poly modeling for 3d game, unpublished

Jacek Skalmierski Computer Studio, graphic designer, 1994 – 1995
Packaging design for software products

School of Architecture, LSU, Research Assistant, 1993 – 1994
3D modeling and reconstruction drawings of Old State Capital for LSU Office of  Community Preservation

1991 – 1992: Kevin Harris, AIA, Old State Capital, Foundation, Baton Rouge, (Designer),
CAD analysis, design, drafting and rendering

Organization of „National Astronomy Weekend” (2006-2015)
Concept, development and management of the bi-monthly journal 3D Magazine – a leading Polish magazine for designers who employ computers as their tool of choice.
Concept and management of “3D Workshop” (1999) and “International 3D Workshop”  (2000) conference for the graphics professionals.
3D Studio MAX 2 in Exercises, a book published by the Helion Publishing Company.
Page Maker 6.5 in Exercises, a book published by the Helion Publishing Company.
3D Studio MAX & Photoshop Training Courses for architecture students and faculty of the Silesian University of Technology.
Cover designs for Editio publishing company
Product branding and design for HaHa Poland
Graphics designs, instruction & photography (at UNIKOL IT, Gliwice, Polska), for Weglokoks S.A., Viterra, Norwoks, Spartan, Stalkon, Oasis, KZK GOP, Unikol IT and the Coalmine
Architectural visualizations for the MS Gliwickie Biuro Projektowe, Ekotech II and Meble SAKS (office furniture).
Advertising projects for the Evatronix, ORTO, Helion Publishing Company, journal Magazyn 3D, ComputerLand Zdrowie and Unikol IT.
Desktop Publishing: Journal Magazyn 3D (3D Publishing Company) and “Kasystent” (ComputerLand Zdrowie).
Promotional animations for the journal Magazyn 3D and the Helion Publishing Company.
Graphics design of promotional materials for the Armatura sp. z o.o., Unikol IT, Unikol, Helion Publishing Company, 3D Publishing Company, Headmasters S.A., ComputerLand Zdrowie, Auto Consulting, Mr_flash Software and the Mechanical Department of Gliwice University of Technology.
POS design for the Euroexport (Knorr, Airwick, Lipton, Hops!, Chipita, Vileda, Veet).
Design of internet portals for the journal Magazyn 3D (www.3d.pl), Gliwice Oncology Institute, (www.co.gliwice.pl), Armatura (www.armatura.com.pl), dfoto.pl (www.dfoto.pl) and         many others (html, php, css programming, cms) design of www pages for Promedes (www.aquarius.net.pl, www.consensus.com.pl).
UX/Interface design for multimedia publications (Magazyn 3D), software interface design for the Mr_flash Software.
Landscape design and garden construction for “Contra” in Wodzislaw Slaski,  “Factory” in Katowice.

T. L. Czarnecki: Dry Wall Partition Construction, Studio Atrium Website, 2002
T. L. Czarnecki: Brick Partitions, Studio Atrium Website, 2002
T. L. Czarnecki: Choosing Proper Technology for Partitions, Studio Atrium Website, 2002
T. L. Czarnecki: Building a Plant Trough on a Terrace, Studio Atrium Website, 2002
T. L. Czarnecki: Protecting Garden during Construction, Studio Atrium Website, 2002
T. L. Czarnecki: Designing Dynamic Gardens, Studio Atrium Website, 2002
T. L. Czarnecki: Designing Functional Gardens, Studio Atrium Website, 2002
M. Czarnecka, T.L. Czarnecki: Lawn Care, Studio Atrium Website, 2002
T. L. Czarnecki: 3D Studio Workshop – 3D Visualization for Architects, 3D Magazine,  no. 2 and no.3, 2001.
T. L. Czarnecki: Piranesi 2, 3D Magazine, no. 6, 1998; no.3, 2001.
T. L. Czarnecki: NeMo Virtual World , 3D Magazine, no. 6, 2000; no.1 and 2, 2001.
T. L. Czarnecki: MAXimum 3D – Particle Systems, 3D Magazine, no. 2 and no. 6, 2001; no. 5, 2000.
T. L. Czarnecki: Combustion* – Video Editing in Three Dimensional Space, 3D Magazine,  no. 6 2000.
T. L. Czarnecki: 3D Workshop – Light, 3D Magazine, no. 1 and 2, 2000.
T. L. Czarnecki: Strata Studio Pro – Introduction, 3D Magazine, no. 4, 1999.
T. L. Czarnecki: Wizard of VIZ: modeling course for architects, 3D Magazine, no.1, 2, 3 and 5, 1998, no. 6, 1999.
T. L. Czarnecki: 3D Studio modeling workshop, 3D Magazine, no.3, 4 and 5, 1998;  no. 3, 1999.
T. L. Czarnecki: Looking For Holes in 3D Studio MAX – Solving Boolean Problems 3D Magazine, no.3, 1998.
T. L. Czarnecki: 3D Studio MAX 2 – NURBS, 3D Magazine, no.3, 1998.
T. L. Czarnecki: 3D Studio MAX 2 – Dynamics Simulation, 3D Magazine, no.3, 1998.
T. L. Czarnecki: RadioRay Renderer – Maximizing Reality, 3D Magazine, no.4, 1997 and 3D Magazine, no. 2, 1998.
T. L. Czarnecki: 3D Studio – Creating Interactive VRML Environments, 3D Magazine, no. 4, 1997.
T. L. Czarnecki: FaceWorks – modeling faces, 3D Magazine, no. 6, 1998.
T. L. Czarnecki: BRYCE 2 – Creator´s tool of choice, 3D Magazine, no. 1, 1998.
T. L. Czarnecki: 3D Studio MAX – Plug-ins review, 3D Magazine, no. 4, 1997.
T. L. Czarnecki: 3D Test Comparing 3D Accelerators in 3D Studio MAX and AutoCAD 13, 3D Magazine, no. 2, 1997.
Approximately 500 news items published on teleskopy.net form 2005 – 2015, and compiled into registered with national library on-line “Astronomy News” magazine

Operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8, Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Debian Linux, Suze Linux
Office software: MS Office, Open Office.
Graphics software: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, PageMaker, Premiere and others) as well specialised tools such as Photomatix Pro, Camtasia, xSplit Broadcaster.
Specialized software: 3d studio max, 3d studio viz, AutoCAD
Computer hardware maintenance, including computer assembling.
Programming languages: C+, Pascal, HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS

English, Polish

Science Popularizer of the Year 2011 nominee, Polish Press Agency, Ministry of Higher Education, 2011
AIA Henry Adams Medal, School of Architecture, LSU, Baton Rouge, 1994.
Technology Award, School of Architecture, LSU, Baton Rouge, 1994.
Honorable Mention, 1st Annual Student Art Show, School of Architecture, LSU, 1993.
Terry DeVine Memorial Scholarship, School of Architecture, LSU, Baton Rouge, 1992.
LSU Campus Club Scholarship, Baton Rouge, 1992.

Professional Association of Diving Instructors since 2012
Polish Amateur Astronomers Association, since 2006 (member of revision board)
Tau Sigma Delta, Honor Society in Architecture, since 1994.
Phi Kappa Phi, Honorary Society, since 1992.
American Institute of Architecture Students, 1991-1994.
Independent Student Association, 1988-1989