NZ-Pólnoc-(16-z-186)I photograph and film, I have been asked by Benefit sp z o.o. to work as consultant and expert on action video cameras (ISAW and AEE), car video cameras, as well as drones (AEE) advising on product quality and creating number of comparison videos including underwater and low light tests of GoPro, ISAW, AEE and others. I work in Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Camtasia. I also post produce travel films for clients.

You can check out my Youtube channel for new videos.

Advertisement for Arsoba Travel, Szczecin

Aoteraoa 2012 – part III of Australia Eclipse 2012 trilogy

Total Eclipse 2012 – part II of Australia Eclipse 2012 trilogy

Australia 2012 – part I of Australia Eclipse 2012 trilogy

Diving Great Barrier Reef 2014


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