DSCF8462For my diploma project at LSU School of Architecture I have designed and created visualization (AutoCAD for design, 3D Studio 3 for visualization and animation) of Space Station – which, in 1994, was kind of an accomplishment, and was well received even by NASA whom I have consulted and supplied with finished design, which not only included general idea, but also went into details such as water circulation in order to balance and distribute heat in station or even torsion screws that would work in zero gravity. And I still owe heap for help of late Prof. Julian T. White
I have since created and managed as editor-in-chief a leading magazine on 3D modeling and visualization as well as CAD software – “Magazyn 3D”, and after it was discontinued, worked with architects and designers supplying visualizations of their projects. I also work for leading polish Autodesk training center – Procad S.A.-  teaching courses on 3D Studio MAX and AutoCAD. For more information follow this link.
Take a look at some of my work below:

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